"Alex's story is compelling; he portrays his experiences vividly bringing them to life. His modest, calm, relaxed attitude makes for easy and entertaining listening with the messages accessible to all."

As a motivational speaker Alex has delivered presentations to many large and successful companies. Alex speaks with heartfelt passion and humility about his life in the highly competitive world of Olympic sport and Arctic exploration. His honest accounts are accessible and highly relatable to his audiences, bringing unique insights from his career on water.

Alex talks about finding true motivation, forming successful teams, leadership, success, failure, dealing with pressure, overcoming adversity and maintaining consistency. As the father of three children Alex has had to perform at the highest level while balancing a busy family life, a challenge he has relished and learnt a great deal from.

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"Your presentation style is completely engaging and the humility you displayed as you spoke meant you could have held everyone’s attention for at least a few more hours, I’m sure!  The effective way you brought your inspirational story of ultimate sporting success following the overcoming of many personal adversities, back to the jobs of every individual in the room, meant everyone couldn’t help but be left with a compelling feeling of personal motivation from your words.  A week or so since the event, you are still being quoted continually by members of our team – a sentiment to how well your story still resonates with us all." - Alistair Dicken, Restore Datashred
"Wow!!!! What a great sales kick off, the whole team is fired up and ready to rock. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to motivate your team, please let me recommend Alex Gregory MBE. He gave a talk on his trials and tribulations as a gold medal winning Olympic athlete. He talked about how to never give up and to always believe in yourself no matter how hard things get. If you want it enough anything is possible....." - Jason Rowles, Wincanton Records Management

"Thank you so much for your very inspiring and at times, emotional talk this morning.  The insights and your experience from your Olympic journey were thought provoking and funny as well as inspiring and motivating.  It certainly provided excitement for the managers throughout the day and everyone I spoke to afterwards mentioned how spot on your comments were for where LeasePlan is today and the challenges we face.  Given that one of our concerns was the translation of sport into business and making it real for our managers, we very much appreciate the thought and preparation you’ve put into our event.

Your style of presenting is relaxed and you build suspense well.  Your use of language is potent and you set the scene very well – I’m even tempted to include a map of Lithuania (although I’d have to look that up aswell) .  You mentioned that you were thinking about careers post rowing and I know you’ll be very successful if you choose to continue presenting – on TV or whatever format that takes.  We’ve had some excellent responses to your session this morning and I’m sure that many will take away your messages that we can use in our business." - Viv Bowra, LeasePlan

"The men's Coxless Four were bright and articulate, delving into a range of subjects including teamwork, commitment, resilience and legacy. we received great feedback from the session. They were insightful and inspiring. Strongly recommended". Jim Garman, Partner and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
"Alex is really inspirational and really engaged with the team. It was a pleasure having him come in." - Almacantar
"Alex was kind enough to speak at a CFO Breakfast Seminar on behalf of Stanton House. He spoke about building and leading great teams, his journey and the pressures of being an elite athlete. An excellent and inspiring presentation. I will be sure to hire him again. Thank you."  - Marcus Shah, Stanton House
“As an after-dinner speaker for our Developments Academy, Alex engaged and inspired the whole group (rowers and non-rowers alike) with his personal story of how tenacity, perseverance, and years of hard work enabled him to win a Gold medal in the London Olympics.” - Nick Steel, BG-Group
“I can not thank you enough for giving up so much of your time. Your approach with the children was wonderful, you made them all feel very special and they were amazed and thrilled that you allowed them to hold and wear your gold medal. Several parents have seen me this morning to say that their children did not want to shower last night having touched the medal! The impact your talk gave the children and staff has been inspirational, you have ignited a prep school of children to strive to become their best - whether it be sport, academic, music, arts or simply to have grapefruit muscles....” - Jaqueline Miller-Howell, Richard Pate School
"I thought Alex's presentation was a tipping point for us in our journey towards RIO. Hearing his story was inspiring. Hearing about his difficulties was shocking, but the lesson I took away was how hard work, determination and perseverance makes all the difference. It was an inspiring and very uplifting talk. It also highlighted to me that if we're serious about the goal, then we have got to be serious about the players. We have got to be serious about accountability, ownership, and open communication and we have to be willing to do some tough stuff. RIO won't come easy, but it will come if we show that we are serious about wanting it. We can definitely do it. Alex's speech only strengthened my belief that we can do it." - Sonya Thadhani, Bailard Investment Management
"If you can get Americans interested in hearing about a Brit winning a gold medal in rowing you've done a pretty good job." - Bailard Investment Management
"We were absolutely delighted to welcome Alex Gregory to Langtree School on 19th November 2014 as guest of honour for our annual presentation evening. Alex gave a truly inspirational address, which clearly had an impact on the class of 2014, and the feedback regarding his input to the occasion was extremely positive from students, parents, staff and governors alike. It was a huge pleasure to meet Alex, and his presentation on the themes of determination, resilience and triumph over adversity was a lesson in life to us all." - Rick Holroyd, Langtree school
“Alex delivered a post lunch talk to a group of New Zealand businessmen at the wonderful Leander Club, of which he is Captain. He delivered a story of eventual triumph, having overcome years of misfortune and disappointment. The passion for his sport, the determination to win and the joy of his success were woven through the talk and we were all captivated by his story. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough and look forward to seeing him on top of the podium in Rio. Thanks Alex!” - Neil Logan, Henley Business School