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2 x Olympic Gold - Father - Speaker - Author

 My life seems to be evolving into something new…

Until I was 32 I lived a life of regiment. A life where routine was embedded and ingrained in everything I did. From the youngest age I competed in sport, not because I was made to, not because I particularly love sport, not because I’m highly competitive and love to race - no. It was just what I did. Swimming turned to rowing culminating in 2 Olympic Gold medals, a World best time, 5 World championship titles and most importantly 3 children.

After many years of disaster and failure I managed to find a way to turn things right around, the wins began to come and the effort, pain and heartache finally translated into success. 17 years at the oars took me to retirement in 2016 at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games. I finished as one of three people in the world to have won six years of major championships back to back.

Life changed…

Routine was gone. I’m an inquisitive, interested person in people and things. I wanted to see life in a different way. Taking my place on board a pioneering Arctic rowing expedition was a dream come true. My crew and I explored the Arctic Ocean rowing further North than anyone ever before. We hit weeks of bad weather and nearly didn’t come home. We became stranded on one of the most remote islands in the world, finally returning to civilisation after having the most extraordinary experience. I hope to have more adventures in the future.

But it was time to write…

I’ve enjoyed every second of writing my first book Dadventures, I want to write more. This one is a guide for parents on how to get outside with the young people in their lives and make precious lasting memories together. It’s the simple things that we try to do together as a family and the things I remember from my childhood. I hope it helps.

Life now is an experiment. I love sharing my experiences, thoughts and insights with others through the written word, motivational speaking and on screen. I’m a proud ambassador for a number of wonderful brands and I’m a devoted father trying to keep life in check so I can pick the kids up from school every now and then!

I hope you enjoy my site,

Happy days!

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I’ve come to believe that time spent outside is good for us all! Encouraging people to make time with children meaningful and memorable is my passion, so I’ve amassed a collection of ideas to help people do just this. Dadventures, my first book, is a helping hand to anyone wishing to make that first step out the front door because sometimes that first one is the hardest!



I love sharing thoughts, stories, opinions and insights from the experiences I’ve had in high performance Olympic sport, Arctic exploration and performing while balancing a busy family life. I believe it’s my responsibility to share these ideas and tell the story.

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An update of life and things I find of interest in the world. I’ll attempt to update this blog regularly, with any new ventures and adventures!

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Please take a look at my Instagram feed which I update regularly. It’s a collection of shots and thoughts from current work / family / past life that I hope is interesting and entertaining. Feel free to follow, leave comments and strike up a conversation!