Alex Gregory MBE
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2 x Olympic Gold - Father - Speaker - Author

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I’ve come to believe that time spent outside is good for us all! Encouraging people to make time with children meaningful and memorable is my passion, so I’ve amassed a collection of ideas to help people do just this. Dadventures, my first book, is a helping hand to anyone wishing to make that first step out the front door because sometimes that first one is the hardest!



I love sharing thoughts, stories, opinions and insights from the experiences I’ve had in high performance Olympic sport, Arctic exploration and performing while balancing a busy family life.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you’re looking for a speaker.



An update of life and things I find of interest in the world. I’ll attempt to update this blog regularly, with any new ventures and adventures!

Don’t hesitate to make contact and leave comments but most of all just enjoy!


Please take a look at my Instagram feed which I update regularly. It’s a collection of shots and thoughts from current work / family / past life that I hope is interesting and entertaining. Feel free to follow, leave comments and strike up a conversation!