Bremont is an award-winning British watch making company that creates beautiful time pieces from their headquarters in Henley-on-Thames. This company has a fascinating story based around two brothers Nick and Giles English who started Bremont in 2002. The company has rapidly risen to great heights in the world of chronography while it's values remain true. This is an inspiring company who I am extremely proud to represent. It's a great honour to be an ambassador for Bremont standing alongside some of my heroes in the world of exploration and adventure.

Habitat First Group is a family run development company which creates holiday home communities based on a deep love of nature. I’m incredibly proud to have a very special association with this ambitious, awardwinning business that holds family so close to it’s core. The stunning properties set in the Cotswold and Dorset countrysides are designed to encourage and celebrate nature, bringing the residents that bit closer to the outdoors while enjoying the luxury they deserve!

I'm excited about continuing to work with and develop this relationship in the future with plenty of exciting plans and projects on the horizon.

I am delighted to be named a patron of the British Exploring society. It was back in 2001 while I was still in school that I was lucky enough to join a four week expedition run by the society to the Island of Svalbard. It was one of the most incredible months anyone could wish for, in an environment few get to experience. The memories and the lessons learnt are so special to me, I’m passionate about encouraging other young people to take up the opportunity and experience what I did.

For over 45 years Herring have been making shoes in England of the very highest quality. Their range of footwear is exceptional and the service they provide to their customers shows care and dedication. I'm extremely pleased to be associated with a British company that shows so much passion with what they do. I absolutely love wearing my Herring shoes. There's nothing better than slipping a beautiful handmade pair of leather shoes on your feet after training!