It's a waiting game - World Championships 2014

I'm currently sitting in my tiny hotel room on the outskirts of Amsterdam which I share with crew mate Andy Triggs-Hodge and my motivation to do anything is very low. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate and focus on one particular task and other than the few short training sessions our coach Jurgen Grobler prescribes us each day I haven't done anything constructive. I suppose it's not a bad way to be, any other time in the year I would be angry at myself for being so pathetic, but here, right now it just doesn't matter. 


The week we have already spent at the World Championship venue is one of the strangest in our calendar year. Eleven months of training three times a day suddenly stops and our routine is altered, time slows down. We now have two short sessions a day with all the days merging into one slow motion blur. The challenge is to strike the balance between feeling rested, relaxed, ready to race and lethargy and sluggishness. The deep rooted fatigue and weariness that I feel most of the year has disappeared but it's replaced with a laziness I'm not used to. It may be similar to the feeling you would get after spending a week in bed for an illness. The illness has passed but you've been made to stay where you are for another few days. During the worst of your illness you couldn't imagine ever feeling right again but now you do, energy has returned and the change is enormous, you just want to get out and run...but you can't. It's difficult to put these feelings into words and as racing draws nearer I find I become hypersensitive to emotions and these physical feelings. Maybe it's the time we have to sit and think, maybe it's energy returning to our persistently drained bodies, mixed with nerves, uncertainty and adrenaline. 


Everything now is focussed on racing and ensuring we get across that finish line first. We race the Semi-final tomorrow (28th August) which will indicate which crews will progress into the final on Saturday. We certainly aim to be one of those crews and after the season we've already had we really should be. This is the World Championships however and here on the world stage anything can happen. Four days to go, two races left - World Championships 2014.

Alex GregoryComment